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Friday, November 14, 2008


I made this as a sample for enrichment the other night and thought it turned out cute.

What you need:
composition book
scrapbook paper
mod podge
foam brush
scissors/paper cutter
embellishments- glitter, ribbon, jewels, tags, chipboard, stamps, whatever you want!
(any tools needed to apply embellishments)
What you do:
1. Cut the scrapbook paper to size. I cut my paper exactly to size, leaving the original spine exposed. You can also wrap your paper around the entire book covering the spine. Repeat the same thing for the inside covers as well.
2. Apply an even layer of mod podge on cover and apply scrapbook paper.
3. Apply embellishments. If you choose to add a ribbon page marker, I glued my ribbon to the entire length of the very center page of the book so it could evenly reach all pages of the book.
4. When finished, you can put a coat of mod podge over the entire book to help seal the paper and embellishments, but you don't have to.