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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Binkie Clips

What you need:
5/8" grosgrain ribbon of choice
badge clip (available on ebay in many colors)
cropadile (to attach snaps)
embossing heat gun

What you do:
1. Cut ribbon to desired length according to age of baby
2. Heat seal each end of the ribbon using the embossing heat gun (a hair dryer may even work) to avoid fraying.
3. Thread badge clip on one end of ribbon and secure the clip by attaching a snap using a cropadile or you may sew the end as well. (the black floral clip is sewn, the pink dot clip is snapped)
4. Fold over opposite end leaving a loop big enough for pacifier to move freely and attach snap using a cropadile.
*the mam rings can also be purchased at Target and attached to the loop