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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lazy Susan

This was a Pottery Barn Kids inspired project. If any of you get their catalog then I'm sure you've seen their $49.00 version of this. My version on the other hand only cost $6.50!

So I loved the idea of having all the kids art supplies all in one place. The buckets are screwed in place and stable so there's no chance for spilled buckets! Wouldn't this look so cute on the kids table in the playroom?!
I did however have a hard time finding a wooden lazy susan for this project because everything now a days is plastic or stainless steel. I ended up finding this one second hand for $4.00. I bought the buckets on clearance at Walmart but any of the buckets at Target's dollar spot would be cute too. I wanted mine to be non-gender specific since I have both a boy and a girl.
What you need:
wooden lazy susan
sand paper
spray paint
5 buckets
5 short screws
What you do:
1. Scuff up the lazy susan with sand paper just enough to break through the finish.
2. Spray paint the lazy susan, I did about 3 coats. Let dry over night or longer.
3. Measure or just eye ball the position you want the buckets in, and make a slight pencil mark on the lazy susan for each one.
4. Poke a small hole on the inside center of each bucket to start your screws.
5. Position each bucket and screw down tightly, making sure your screw does not go through the wood entirely or it will prevent the lazy susan from spinning.
*If worse came to worse and you couldn't find a wooden lazy susan, you could always buy a plastic one and glue the buckets down.