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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Easter Decor

Now that St. Patrick's Day is over it'[s time to change the decor once again! I decided I wanted to fill this apothecary jar with some cute eggs for Easter. One problem, I'm cheap and cute eggs are not, especially when you need 34 of them! So I really liked the look of the splattered quail eggs. Here's how I made them:
What you need:
plastic Easter eggs, yes the cheap ones you put candy in (We all have too many of these things around our house)
sand paper
white spray paint
acrylic paint, colors of choice for eggs
brown acrylic paint, for quail look
sponge brush
old toothbrush
What you do:
1. Sand each egg just enough to scuff the shine off. This will help the paint to stick better.
2. Open each egg and place them on a paint drop cloth (outside). Spray paint each egg white. You may need a few coats. Do not spray the insides.
3. Once eggs have dried, paint each egg with acrylic paint. I gave each egg 2 coats.
4. Once they have dried, return the eggs to the drop cloth, still opened. Dip your toothbrush into the brown paint, turn it so that the bristles face the eggs, and run your finger down the bristles. (I used dark brown paint and then added a little white to it and went over the eggs with the lighter brown as well.) This may splatter up at you so make sure you are wearing old clothes or an apron.
5. Let dry. Close eggs and your done!

Once again here is my holiday cloche. I found this huge egg at Ross for $2.99! It fits perfectly. The pink beading is from Designer Blvd. To view my post on how to make your own cloche click here.