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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Before & After....Chair

Infarrantly Creative is having a Roadkill Rescue Party- Go Check it Out! I also rescued a baby cradle, but I have to admit, I paid $2.50 for it...still check it out!

I've been needing a chair for my craft table for quite some time now. My husband called me from work one day last week and told me that someone had dropped off some old dining room chairs next to the dumpster at his work. So I hurried over to get one, and as you can tell they were in pretty bad shape. But not anymore! It was nothing a little sanding, painting, new pad, and some fabric couldn't handle.
Chair: FREE
Sanding: $0.00
Paint: $3.00
Chair Pad: $3.00
Fabric: $6.00
Total: $12.00!