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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Newest Addition to My Kitchen

Wow, I am on a roll! I have had a link everday this week for Melissa's party! Here's another one...be and sure and check out the others! You can also check out another one of my chalkboard creations here. I've wanted a chalkboard in my kitchen for sometime now. I always thought I would paint the inside panel of a pantry door with chalkboard paint...someday when I don't have sliding pantry doors. I wanted to be able to post our weekly menu as well as things I needed to pick up at the grocery store.
So I decided to give up a framed print that hung inside this frame, already in my kitchen. I am so pathetic that I didn't even remove the picture from the inside of the frame before painting it. I just sprayed right over the glass.
Overall, I really like it. It hangs high enough that the kids can't reach it and scribble all over it. Now if only I had taken my time when writing out this weeks menu it would have looked better!