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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Serving Plate/Cloche Stand

I went to the dollar store and bought a plate and a sundae glass.
I came home and flipped the sundae dish upside down and glued it to the bottom of the plate with liquid nails (you could also use silicone).

I then added a little ribbon embellishment, threw some nice summer fruits on top and called it good!
So I have seen this done a couple of ways. Many people use candle stands, which works but mine was a dollar, and I like it better! You can also spray paint the sundae dish and the plate to have a perfect match. You'll want to finish it up with a coat of poly though. I just liked the look of mine and went with the green because I'm going to fill my cloche with citrus this summer and thought it would look good. Soo Easy and Soo Cheap!