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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Master Cookbook

I decided the cover still needed something...so why not a little bling!

*for those of you who saw this post earlier, yes, I changed the name

This is what I like to call my "master cookbook". This binder holds all of my liked, successful recipes. These recipes are usually ones I've printed off the internet, or have been given to me, or ones I've made copies of out of cookbooks I own. I know that sounds weird, but I make copies from my cookbooks so that I don't have to remember which book it was in and I'm less likely to forget about the recipe. I always place a page protector over each sheet to protect it from splashes and spills. I love that I can write notes or alterations right on the recipe too. And heck, when the recipes fails...throw it away!

Anyways, I outgrew my last one and had to move on to bigger and better..... here she is!