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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Picture Blocks

What you need:
wood block (whatever size you want)
sand paper
foam brush
wooden knob/drawer pull
hot glue
mod podge
What you do:
1. Sand blocks until smooth on all sides.
2. Paint block and knob with foam brush. Apply as many coats until desired color is achieved. Let dry completely.
3. Distress edges of the block with sand paper. Now apply stain (any color) using a white rag to the distressed edges. (this step is optional) Let dry.
4. Cut picture to size. Apply a smooth layer of mod podge over the face of the block and attach picture. Allow to dry completely.
5. Once mod podge has dried, apply thin layer of mod podge over the top of the picture to seal it to the block. Allow to dry.
6. Hot glue wooden knob to the top of the block and tie ribbon around.