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Monday, January 26, 2009

Ribbon Organization

Believe it or not, there is 68 spools of ribbon in here!
Finally! A way to organize ribbon that works for me! I was a little overly excited about this one. I've seen many ways to organize ribbon and I used to run wooden dowels through shadow boxes which works great, if you don't have a ton of ribbon. I gave up after my third shadow box. I found this new idea on a blog called Capture the Moment. I'm so excited to finally have my ribbon organized and takes up so little space!

What you need:
wooden clothespins/doll pins (I've heard these are at the Dollar Tree, but I picked mine up at JoAnn's for convenience)
glass headed pins

What you do:
1. Insert the end of the ribbon in the slit of the clothespin. You only need the end to extend about half an inch or so.
2. Then fold the end over onto the base of the clothespin and hold it in place with your thumb. You will want to fold it so the good side of your ribbon is face up.
3. Next you want to pull the other end of the ribbon (the opposite end from the one you folded over in the last step) down over the short end. This will help keep it from pulling back through the slit without using any tape to hold it in place.
4. Start spooling the ribbon at an angle down the length of the clothespin. Try to keep even spacing because this will ensure that your spool will be evenly dispersed once it is completed.
Then spool back up the clothespin in an opposing angle. Keep everything fairly tight as you are working to help make sure that the ribbon doesn't come off the clothespin when in storage. You will continue spooling until you have completed your entire length of ribbon.
5. To keep the end of the ribbon in place, fasten it with your glass head pin.

* you can fit roughly 5 yards per clothespin